RFW18899 –  Proposed 20 mtr Streetworks Mast located at Magnus Road, Craigends, Renfrewshire, Scotland, PA6 7LR.

On behalf of our client, GBC (‘client’), who have been selected by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd to provide the resilient national telecommunications apparatus associated with 5G, Dot Surveying (‘agent’) is instructed to prepare and submit applications for a proposed mast and associated ancillary equipment. This pre-consultation enquiry relates to the proposed development located at the site at Magnus Road, Craigends, Renfrewshire, Scotland, PA6 7LR. Following recent survey work, an option has been identified to extend connectivity at the above location, offering the potential to enable planning for 5G implementation. The Government recognises that the widespread coverage of mobile connectivity is essential for people and businesses.  As well as improved mobile signal, 5G networks are also crucial to drive productivity and growth.  Enabling and planning for 5G implementation is central to achieving the Government’s objective to deliver prosperity at the local level and enable places to share in the proceeds of growth. The significant impact of the coronavirus pandemic demonstrates the urgent need for the next generation of mobile connectivity to allow people to work and learn from home.

Prior to the submission of either a full planning application or an application for prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code systems operators, as a stakeholder, we seek and welcome your comments and views on the proposal as per the attached draft planning drawings and site detail sheet. We look forward to receiving any comments on the preferred location identified by 26th August 2021.

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