Houston Community Council re-convened on 15 January after its festive break, and once again much of the discussion centred on local concerns regarding revisions to local transport arrangements.

With SPT representative Frank Rennie in attendance, following discussions with him in November, members were keen to know how residents could best bring their concerns to the attention of the SPT, following reductions in services and recent increases in bus fares. Particular concerns were expressed with regard to difficulties in reaching local facilities such as the RAH in Paisley and local supermarkets, without somewhat tortuous journeys and, most commonly, a change of bus to reach the desired destination, particularly in the evenings. Mr Rennie did in fact state that he had not received a single comment from individual residents regarding the bus services, save for those made by the Community Council, and it is a worry that while locally residents are expressing their concerns, they are not in fact taking them up with the agencies perhaps best able to address them.

With this in mind, Mr Rennie is examining the possibility of bringing a mobile information service to the village, probably in March, with a view to both letting local people know just what services are available, while taking the opportunity to listen to concerns of residents.

In the meantime, it is absolutely essential that residents do ensure that their concerns reach the SPT. They can do this in several ways:

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is essential that residents do let someone know about their concerns, as otherwise there is no likelihood of these being addressed.

Houston Community Council meets in the Carrick Centre, Main St, Houston, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from September to November, and January to June, the next scheduled meeting being on Wednesday 19 February at 7.30pm. All meetings are open to the public, and new members are welcome.